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Originally Posted by Efthreeoh View Post
Well you have the parts already, except the bolts for the bracket. I'm curious as to why these parts were not remounted. I'd expect the battery has been replaced with a non-BMW battery that is not the correct fitment (and that brings up the whole battery registration issue). The "safety device" is the Styrofoam pad that fits in between the battery and the rear bulkhead of the car to protect the battery during a rear end collision. The hold down bracket holds down the battery more securely. All you are talking about are two bolts that are $.25 each from BMW, or just go to and find the correct size bolts (M6x12 - Metric 6MM by 12 MM long) and get them at a hardware store.
It came with a BMW AGM battery, though it died on me a week after buying the car and I had it replaced even though the dealer thought it was fine. I figured out later that the issue was that the IBS module was not hooked up so it wasn't sending the message to the DME to kill off drainage when power got low. After I hooked it up, I checked for any battery resets/recodings and found none. I tried to message him yesterday and he never replied, probably meaning he was having battery problems.

Anyways, I'm missing parts 2-8 so I'll go place an order with realOEM, the stuff like the elbows you can't get elsewhere.