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Sorry to hear about the ipod adapter mixup. I would think you would be alright with the car being coded the way it is. If you can see under the "CD" source CD1, CD2... CD6 I would guess a CD-changer (and subsequently the dension) would work alright.

If you have any questions with the dension or install, let me know. I'm actually talking with Dension on an issue I'm having when selecting CD1 - CD4. They are all of a sudden "greyed-out" and not selectable. Its not a deal breaker at this point since the essential ipod functions of browsing albums, artists, playlists, etc are all there... It's an extra feature called AlbumPlay and ArtistPlay, not essential but nice to have. And acually, album play is always selectable in the root menu. I've been told part of the issue may be that I have the dension hooked up to where the cd-changer power is, which is "switched" power and the dension requires constant power, like from the battery. It needs constant power so it can "sense" when the MOST bus in inactive and then shut itself down. So, that could be the issue or maybe I have a defective unit. I'm going to connect the original cd-changer and see if the CD choices come back.

I'll give an update when I re-connect the power to the battery. Even though I have this minor issue, I really want this to work out since it works SO well with my car.

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Although I have the Dension unit sitting in my office, I had the dealer ipod installed the other day. The woman told me it was a USB iPod interface and it was substantially more than the older kits. I believed her. Turns out it is just the old retrofit kit; no USB. Loads the playlists fast, but on my not full Nano, artists, songs, etc take several seconds. The sound seemed good the one time I used it. After they had to keep the car overnight to finish it up (after telling me it was ready), I had trouble opening the glovebox when I picked up the car. A little fiddling with the key got it open twice, but since then I can't open it to get to the cable. You can imagine my satisfaction with this.

Now, since the ipod interface emulates the CD changer, does that mean my car is "coded" for it and I could install the Dension?? Seems like it would be faster.

BTW, I asked the same thing of my dealer, that I wanted to install a CDC like device. Apparently the car really does have to "see" a factory CDC for coding purposes. They said no go.

My timing is really off, since I too would have taken a turn with the "factory" CDC for coding purposes.
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