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Originally Posted by B9M0W View Post
Is there anything out there that is steering wheel compatible?
Only way to be steering wheel compatible is if the device uses BMWs bluetooth a2dp connection, which is non existent on most older models, and on newer ones you have to get multiple added packages (extra cost). If it connects to the aux on the car, it wont be.
The ipod connection is though. You can stream music from iphone or ipod through it.

Originally Posted by gdgraham View Post
I have the Belkin A2DP adapter and I have to manually pair it every time I get in the car which gets annoying. Is this the case the BB Gateway too or just mine?
Try resetting the bluetooth connections. Check online to see if you can erase all connections from the Belking device and the car's connections.
Ive never had to re-pair anything. My BB device works great, except for one case. I have to reset the BB when I do short trips. Say turn off car to get gas. Due to the short power off, when it comes back on, most of the time it needs reset.