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Originally Posted by Trainman View Post
Wow, you are like an angel from above. I will have to get you the info,all my paper work said was "medium offset". I bought the tires and rims new from les Schwab in Martel California.209-257-0690. They did the original and the re-balance. I just talked to Andy and he provided me with this info: rims were torqued in the air at 88 ft lbs.
Front offset is 5.5"
Rear offset is 6.2"
I hope you can come up with a answer as I would love to keep these wheels and tires if I can,but not if it means living with what I have now,needless to say. Thanks for your concern and time. I hope I got you all he info you need.
Ahh...Les Schwab. They are the wheel guru'

Well at least they got the correct BMW wheel bolt torque value right. (88ft./lbs.)

As for the offsets... seems that your tire/wheel guy doesn't know how to read wheel offsets. At all...

That is not a good sign...

Wheels don't have 3", 4", 5.5", or 6.2" offsets. They are measured in mm from the centerpoint of the wheels width to the back of the center hub that bolts to the car. On a typical BMW car you typically see wheel offsets listed as +30,+35,+43, +47, etc. in mm depending on the wheel width itself.

Examples of actual wheel offset values:

+30mm offset = 1.18 inches

+47mm = 1.85 inches

As you can see, those numbers are no where near your guy's numbers. Did he measure from the back of the center hub to the back edge of the wheel? Did he measure from the back of the spokes near the outer barrel to the edge? I have no idea how he measured those front and rear wheels to get those crazy numbers. That's why you need a uniform way to measure wheel offsets for every manufacturer. (universal method)

I really need those exact offsets to help you exclude certain things that may be causing your vibration problem. TSW manufactures a number of different wheel offsets per platform. It's very important to find out the exact offset wheel you have on your car. It can answer of number of questions for you.

The fact that your wheel/tire dealer lists the offset as 'medium' is completely worthless to be perfectly honest. Seriously, what the hell does that mean. That's a bunch of sales mumbo jumbo. There is no way to isolate a problem without clear, concise and accurate information. Close doesn't count. Tell your dealer to get the right offsets asap. It's listed in mm somewhere on there spec sheets, it can't be that hard to find. For Christ's sake...they sell these wheels for a living right? And you're telling me they don't know what the correct offsets are, or even how to figure out how to decipher them correctly. That's pretty scary.

5.5" offset...LOL.

It really makes me wonder what else they don't know. I'm beginning to understand where this problem may have originated...

Get the correct offsets and post them up tomorrow.
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