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Originally Posted by Saty View Post
I couldn't agree more with you that One Stop should have been the way to go right from the start, but some people just don't listen do they? :-)

Anyways, will be opening both the cables to have a look at their guts and see if I can figure anything out. Also, will download new software (only INPA) Just need to clear some restraint error. No really interested in coding yet! I think you might have a point about the cheap Chinese cables working only on pre 03/2007 cars
Okay to undo my error of buying the China copy, I bought the recomended one from onestopshop direct rather than their ebay shop (worked 10 cheaper at 65) actually its been a while since i tried the new cable (the urge seems to have worn off) because when I connect it, drums... both dots stayed white (at thas point id given up hope) I put down to my blufin remap, as they had to unlock my ECU which I thought may have made it non standard! any way made one last attempt the other day and thought it may have been the installation that was causing the problems, and I was right, you have to make sure that your windows is on C: my laptop had another partition which was given the C: drive id, i did change the path to ediabas D:\ediabas\bin, but there must be other references in the Zip contents (see post link below) that I copied to my D:

Anyway its worked fine when Formated my hd, fresh intalled xp on C:, prior to this i had failed attempts when I intalled on My desktop with multiboot partitions such as win7 64bit, winxp 64bit etc, winxp 32bit, I now think all failed for same reason. I want to try out the chinese one too incase that does work after all.

I done the airbag test that was successful, I have reduced xxxjexxx NCS_DIY.pdf to 6 pages and put in all the advice from post (, to make easy to follow on device like ipad...

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