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Originally Posted by TRUTH335 View Post
He's not having trouble at all still waiting on parts before install. Why do seem to think its so aggressive. It's not that hard of a fit just like yours.

Just look at kkakonn fronts. His specs are almost exactly the same

You pm'd me a week ago but it got erased pm me if you still need my opinion dude
I've talked to forgestar directly as well as sonic tuning and we both were 100% positive that Super Deep Concave would not fit in front without quite a bit of work. This is what I was told:


Alright thanks, I don't mean to be a pain but just to clarify the the 19x9.5 et20 I run now is smaller than the F14 SDC 19x9.5 et 20? Because it does poke a very tiny bit as of now as you can see If you zoom in but is very manageable to drive with. And if the 19x9.5 et 20 clears both hub and caliper the only reason for it to not fit is the width of the rim. So I'm assuming despite the same specs as my current rim, the barrel of the SDC is larger than mine in width?

Sonic Tuning
That is correct. The barrel of the SDC is much larger than most, but they needed a large barrel to be able to get the super deep concave look. If you plan on pulling your fenders or doing a custom widebody kit then yea you can fit it the, but work like that is thousands of dollars.

Thus why you haven't seen a non M car pull off all SDC yet. The only ones I've seen that ran SDC all around was a M3 with 19x9.5 et 13. Not saying it'll be impossible to do just gotta do some work on the fitment


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