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What is the nature of the motor that causes this? The throttle body is electronic, not cable so they could program it just about any way they want. As I posted before, my other car is an Infiniti FX. N/A 3.5L V6 w/ electronic throttle body as well (no ITB's either). Incredibly responsive and linear throttle response. Tap on the pedal a little, car moves a little. You know exactly what is going on. On the 335, it's dip into the throttle...nothing happens...step on it harder, car jerkily takes off. There's almost no relation between your foot and the throttle response. It's most annoying when you slow down for a light and then get back on the gas before coming to a full stop. Then you have to deal with the transmission lag and throttle lag.

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Nature of the motor. The S65 will have much better throttle response than this car period. (Individual throttle bodies)