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Problem with BMW service, DFW owner needs help!!

Ok guys hereís whatís has gone down.

I decided to buy a second car to reward myself for starting a business 3 years ago in a down economy and making it happen. I spent 12 months looking for a car granted I was looking at everything. c5z, c6, evo, e90, e92 ETC.

I live in Arlington, TX and I wanted a CPO car. I found one and I bought it; itís a 2008 e90 Alpine White with Black Interior, Sport and Premium Package with 44k miles CPO with Maintenance Package.

I bought it at the beginning of April 2013. I scheduled a service appointment at Moritz BMW in Arlington, TX. They didnít have a loaner car for 2 weeks so I scheduled it two weeks out. I asked them to look at the following issues:
1) I experienced a few slow starts and one rough start. I asked them to look at the HPFP.
2) The gas tank gauge read about 2/3 full when it was completely full.
3) I asked for a quote for paintless dent repair
4) I also heard the wastegate rattle a few times.

They kept the car for about 4-5 days and I really thought my SA was trying to help me and get it fixed.
1) They experienced no rough starts etc. ok fine thanks for trying.
2) They said the right side tank assembly needed to be removed and replace a sensor causing the fuel gauge issue. Sounds good!
3)$780 quote for dent repair come on guys thatís just too high
4) They said the wastegates didnít make noise I said ok

So I pick the car up. Porter brings it around I get in it and it throws a code for the gas cap. I tighten it and it goes away and I leave. Over the next 7-10 days the car was running good but I kept getting gas cap error. So I was thinking the gas cap was bad. I kept driving it and it ran good and seemed to use no fuel even though I was driving it hard. After about 10 days I am driving it to run some errands mid day. I was still on the same tank of gas; it dies in the middle of the road and wont start. It reads half tank of gas. So I was thinking HPFP. It happened to die right next to an Indy BMW shop Danny Norwood. I decided to have them take a look at it. I was really questioning moritz's work. I smelled gas when I got into it and just chalked it up to having gas cans in the garage, but the gas cap thing bothered me. So Dannyís guys take a look at it. They call me later in the day and start asking me who has been working on the car, I tell them moritz. Then I get some odd information; and I decided to drive up to take a look at the car. Here is what they found:

1) The vapor line was disconnected. Moritz left it disconnected. Light bulb goes off, thatís where the smell was coming from.
2) The right side of the gas tank assembly was broken into two parts and float was stuck up. So the car said 50% fuel because one side was at 0 and the other read full and the car averages the two. They broke the right side assembly? Really? WTF.
3) This is where I get mad; the left side fuel assembly is FUBAR'D. The quick disconnect on the fuel line coming off the LPFP is broken. So the guys at Moritz shoved it on the nipple and zip tied it. Yeah thatís right they zip tied it. Danny's guys said that I should not drive the car.

I leave Dannyís and call moritz I ask to speak to the general manager. I leave a voicemail for him to call me. The next day I havenít heard from him. I call back same routine. On day 3 I call again this time I tell the receptionist to go find him. Of course I get the run around. Day 4 I call up and I tell the receptionist that if the general manager cant take his thumb out of his A$$ and call me back I am going to knock on his door at his home and start bothering him there, and I read off his address. Day 5 the service manager calls. The first thing I say is I see you guys canít follow directions. He tells me he has a recording of me threatening the gm and that he bets the cops would like to hear that. I explain to him the cops donít give a sh*t unless I threaten his life. He then tells me to bring the car back in and they will fix it. I told him no its going somewhere else.

Day 6 I have the car towed to bmw of Dallas. I explain the situation; they say ok we will get it done. John Berry tells me to order the tires and he will but them on align the car and road force the tires for $230 ish. About 4-5 days go by and I get no communication from John Berry at BMW of Dallas and I have confirmation the tires have arrived. I call him and he says ohh moritz doesnít want to pay etc. I ask if the tires are on he says no I havenít seen them. I inform him they are there he says ok we will get the tires done the alignment done and fix the fuel line and the right side tank assembly. He tells me Moritz will just have to pay them later. I say great I just want my car back.

On day 8 I still donít have a phone call from john berry. I call him again and he starts back with well moritz wont pay to drain your gas tank etc. He tells me they want 2 shop hours to drain the tank ($400). I ask why are you charging 2 hours for something that takes 8 mins with a syphon hose? I get more BS and he says let me talk to the SM and get it done for you.

2-3 days go by and I donít get a call on my car. I call john back. He says they are waiting on a part. Finally 2 days later he emails me the car is ready and itís a Friday. I go over there to get it about 4:45pm. I pay and they bring the car around. I get in then I get out and look at the tires. Now I am not happy. My car hasnít been aligned and the new tires have NOT been installed. I go back and get john, he sends the car back and I wait 1 hour. At that point a sales guy starts talking to me and walking me around the giant parking garage. When we get done I ask him to take me to the service bay. He does and I walk up to the car and the guys are done with the first two tire installs. I watch him for a min and he isnít road forcing my tires. I tell him to road force them, he argues with me its not on the ticket. I get john and he tells him to road force them. I get the car at 7pm closing time and I head home. The car was aligned for sure. On the way home it throws 2-3 codes goes into limp mode. When I get home I look at the wheels and tires and they didnít road force them. I know this because the old weights where still on the tires. And the limp mode problem is because a diverter value wasnít secured? But I didnít know why the DSC light was coming on.

Next day I call john berry I tell him the cars not right. He says bring it back. I bring it back the next week on Monday. He doesnít setup the apt in the system so I get a Chrysler 200 from enterprise. What a POS. They take the car and say they are going to road force the tires and look at the computer codes.

Couple days later I get a quote to replace all my vac lines ($1200) and the rear tail lamp assembly. I tell them to clear the codes and give me the car back. I go pick it up 2 days later this time I tell the cashier I am not paying till I see the car. They pull it around and I start looking at it. Again the old weights are still on the tires they didnít road force them. Seriously? Now I have a tail light bulb malfunction, tires still arenít right, and they claim and vac line is collapsed.

At this point I have had enough, john comes out and I show him the issues. He calls the tech up. I start talking to him about the tires he says ohm I didnít do that. I was like what the hell I didnít have a tail lamp problem till you guys messed with my car. He claims thereís corrosion on the contacts, so I pulled it out in the service bay no corrosion. The tech messes with it to "show me" plugs it back in and one bulb quit working. They put a new one in and the light goes off. Now we move the vac line. On the passenger side of the car thereís one line that has a problem the tech says. I look at it and I see all the lines on the car are perfect except on that looks messed up. I start examining it and tell him the car wasnít like that before you messed with it. The heat shield around the line was frayed and ripped and I could feel the groves from a saw blade in the rubber of the vac line and it looked like a saw blade caught the shielding and frayed it. I tell them they have to fix it.

I leave and come back the next morning and talk with the service manager. They agree to fix the vac line and road force the tires again, and check the codes in the computer.

At this point I wrote the worst review possible on my survey.

Then the service manager calls Mr. Garcia; he says he is taking over. He is on it at this point I get phone calls and updates. He tells me vac line is fixed and tires are road forced and they donít know what the computer in my car is doing. They said I threw and odd code. They opened a puma case. So it sat for a few more days then the diagnosis was it was an anomaly, they cleared everything and said the car was ready. I didnít like this one bit I wanted the DME replaced because I didnít want to come back. BMW NA said no and BMW Dallas said no. I said ok then.

I go to pick up my car of course Mr. Garcia has gone home its 5:30 pm. They bring the car up with no charge ticket, how nice of them. I look at the car and they fixed the one wheel with the old weights and they bent the lip of the wheel. I show john berry he says he wasnít involved with my ticket, and he takes a pic and emails Garcia. The next day I get no call by 1pm. I call Garcia he says john should have called me. Then I get a call from john and they want to valet my car over for me, which was a nice gesture. I call Garcia and tell him no, I donít want a fixed wheel bc it wont be straight and true again after repair. I told him to send me a new wheel and discount tire will put it on.

2 more days pass Marty the customer relationís manager calls and I tell him I want a wheel and a tail light assembly. He says he will work on it.

Another day passes I get no call at 4 pm I start calling. John berry, Marty and Garcia. No one answers no one calls back.

Finally after I call BMWNA and complain, Garcia calls and tells me yesterday that a new wheel is being shipped to my house and he would like to invite me to have my car serviced somewhere else because they cant satisfy me. I tell him all you have to do is do the work. You guys canít seem to do it. Not to mention discount tire looked at the tires and they were not road forced out. The call ends and I am waiting for my wheel. And I guess I am up a creek about the tail lamp assembly they broke.

So hers what I want from my brothers on e90 post:

I want to stage a protest just like in the 60's. On Saturday June 29th I want a crowd of bmw owners to meet me at the 7-11 off lemon ave in Dallas, TX at 8 am. We are going to form a line and block cars from going into BMW of Dallas from 9am till the cops kick us out. I am going to get a protest permit so they canít really do anything. How many followers do I have that will help me teach BMW of Dallas a lesson? You can contact me at