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Originally Posted by Jeller View Post

Vishnu sent me a new flex fuel sensor (after the original kit was sent wired incorrectly lol ) I have swapped out the sensor for good measure and nothing has changed, still maxing out fuel trims even after lpfp has been replaced. Car is still not running up to par.

My car does throw a code that I cannot identify/understand, nor has anyone else been able to shed any light on this codes meaning:

Code #52631 (you can see it in my user settings pic above also).

Vishnu said this code translates to CD97.

I have no idea what this code is in reference to? even if I clear the code it shows back up immediately, I am stumped at this point.

I know its been a while since you made this thread, but did you ever figure out what your CD97 error is? I am asking because I have had the same code for a while now, and no one- Shiv included- seems to know what the hell it means. My research indicates something to do with active front steering.

Except that my car doesn't have AFS. So WTF.