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Originally Posted by geko29 View Post
I don't know that I agree with this one. I've been 800 miles from my next rear brake job for the last 10,000 miles.
The E9X brake wear system uses a brake pad wear sensor that has two loops of wire imbedded in the plastic. When the first wire breaks, the CBS then has a reference point as to the wear rate the car sees for the brakes. The CBS also uses predetermined wear rates prior to the first wire breaking. In my car, which sees very constant driving habits (I use my car for a 160-mile round trip 5 days a week and rarely drive it on the weekends) the CBS is highly predictable as to when the pads will come up for replacement.

At 218,000 miles, with 5 years of driving the same route 5 days a week, and being through two sets of all four brakes, I can tell you the CBS is highly accurate at predicting wear rates.