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Check your records on that please. I just paid you $46 via PayPal after you initially tried to charge me $121 to vin unlock. I emailed you specially asking about this. What's the story? That and you told me to ship it to you so I paid for that. I specifically asked if you could just email me the firmware...your guys/you said no.
Im afraid I don't know who you are by your user name. Not do I handle such matters myself. You have either been talking to Robert or Garrett, both of whom can correct the situation if indeed there is one. While I'd like to see things sorted myself immediately, it's not something I can do without being in the office (Im not even on the same continent right now ) and knowing additional personal billing info. I suggest contacting the person you were corresponding with as they can explain if any exemptions applied, correctly or incorrectly. The free vin unlock is a relatively new thing that came in to play when we announced the announced the development of new vin unlock firmware (that has yet to be released). This was to avoid the scenario of anyone paying for an unlock only to find that waiting for the new update would have accomplished the same. Prior to that it was usually only provided on a case by case (for instance, when a customer changes vehicles). I'm sure any issue can be fixed quickly if caused by miscommunication or error.

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