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Originally Posted by jbnery6465
I've been debating between Zaino Z9/Z10 and Chemical Guys Cleaner/Conditioner combo. Does anyone have any experience or feedback regarding the Chemical Guys product? It seems like one of their bigger selling points is the fact that their products are "pH balanced" and won't cause any discoloration.

I'll have to look into that leather sealant also. All I know is that when I got the car, the seats were dull and leather was stiff. After cleaning and conditioning with Meguiars (because that's what I had at the time) I noticed the leather had a cleaner matte look and was starting to soften up a little bit.

Not to hi-jack the thread, but has anyone used a blowdryer/heatgun on their seats to remove any sags in the leather around the buttox/lumbar area?
My car that I just bought has 12k miles on it and the car was owned by a small older woman. The seats looked like new. I drove the car 300 miles to get home yesterday and have driven it a couple times today.

The bottom of the seat has a ripple kind of. How do I prevent this? I'm not obese or anything just drives me crazy.