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Originally Posted by Mr. Furley View Post
Assuming with some mods, shouldn't the 335i be faster than the M3 given more TQ?

One thing I am wondering is, will the M3 have a better suspension then the 335i? I've been told the 335i has a lot of stamped metal pieces.

In response to your first question, it depends on what you mean by some mods. The power numbers for a prototype V2+Exhaust setup car laid down 4 more whp, and almost 100+wtq. Taking gearing into account, the gap closes extremely quickly to the point where everyone is still picking the M3 to win. I understood their logic at one point, although I don't remember anymore. There have been a few other threads about this. Check the FI section and the General E90 sections for those.

However, if you look up the icon referred to as "Walked U." He's been keeping up with slightly modded M5s. He's running DPs, plus catback, plus tuned v2, and possbly an IC? (This thread was really recent. Search for Walked U and it'll be one of his most recent thread. You can't miss it)

The most significant disadvantage the 335i would have would be in the handlign department. That's generally what makes an M an M. However, if you're like me, you believe that no standard suspension setup (outside of your exotics) are designed to handle to the fullest extent. They're designed to handle extremely well and yet provide a decent ride for the customer. If you don't mind a harsh ride, there are plenty of aftermarket suspension options for you to make your car a superior handler to the M3. And for everyone that tells you that the M3s suspension is the best handling possible, ask them why all the top manufacturers make aftermarket coilover systems for M3s. If you're more into good handling and a comfortable ride, then the M3 will probably be superior. Since it should have vastly better handling than a stock 3-er, and it's new fancy smancy edc or whatever they're calling it should make it a comfortable ride. A KW/Bilstein equipped 3er should will give you better handling than 3er stock and should maintain comfort, if you like to be somewhere in the middle.

As far as deciding how you want your suspension to be, it's basically about whether handling or comfort is more important to you.

IMO, in terms of handling capability I would guess:
Stock 3er<<Bilstein<KWV2<KWV3/M3<TCKline/Ground Control (From experience, my preference between those two varies by application)<Moton
+be sure to add in sways if you want to compare to M3s.

In terms of comfort, I would guess:
Moton<<<<<GC< TCK (my car does feel really smooth, though. Barely any worse than stock. Especially once the run flats come off) < M3/KWV3/KWV2 < Bilstein < Stock 3er.

Now that I think about it, you only care about anything I typed if you like to mod things. For me, unless its a P-car, or a Ferrari, I'd much rather mod to suit my tastes and to create my frankenstein of sorts than to get it all out of the box at one time. My favorite part about my car thus far has just been seeing it change in the 7 months I've owned it.
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