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I don't regret it at all. I've driven cars that are significantly faster than the 328i before. The one I've called my own and was much faster was a 2009 WRX. I've otherwise done some thorough test drives with a WRX STI and a Nissan 370Z.

More power is always nice and I certainly wouldn't complain about having it, but for daily use and on public roads, the 328i is more than enough for me. It has enough power for passing on the highway and wayyy more than enough power for my entirely urban commute. Now if I were to look for a fun "toy" car to enjoy on the weekends or the occasional weekday commute, then I'd absolutely want something with more power.

I could definitely see the appeal in having a 335 though if your regular driving involves more highway/country roads.

In general though, I'm more than happy with my car and I don't feel jealous or sad when I see a 335. Props to those who have 'em though. The N52 is the last of its kind and the N55 is definitely a great piece of work too.

That said, BMW's turbo I4 has some NVH issues that bother me to the point where I'll probably look at a turbo I6 for my next BMW if I can't find a used NA I6 BMW in good enough condition. I'm hoping to find a manual 128i when my fiancee will probably replace her car next year. She'll get my 328. I want the 128, hahah.
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