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Originally Posted by Teeeg28 View Post
Anyways, When I bought my e90 I got to be honest I knew NOTHING about a 325, 328, 330, or 335 lol. I only got my 328 because it looked fast and it was a bmw ...
That's probably the wrong reason to buy a BMW 3er in the first place, but it's a reason, and BMW love you for it. It is true that BMW offers colors and interior/exterior combinations that may not be available from other car makers, so maybe some folks buy one for that reason. But once one gets past the colors, BMW 3ers don't do/offer anything more than manyf other , cars do, except that they handle better than the other similar cars (daily driver, utility cars) you can buy at the same price or for less money. Indeed, but for the handling, I may well have bought an Accord, Lexus or Infiniti. If the handling isn't a top priority, you can get everything else a BMW offers for good deal less money, especially if looking fast is the motivation. So, were that my motivation for buying one -- 335 or 328 -- I too would have have some buyer's remorse.

As for "it's a BMW" factor, well, with $2 and the allure of it's being a BMW, you (and all the rest of us BMW owners) can now go to Starbucks and get a cup of coffee. I guess that's something.

Originally Posted by Teeeg28 View Post
How about you guys? Any regrets? even though I hardly doubt it, they're all great cars!!
I bought a 335 and I can't at all call what I feel remorse per se, but I know I'd be just as happy with a 328. There's nothing I can do on public roads that either car doesn't do more than well enough and I only drive on public roads and private driveways.

I absolutely intended to buy a 3er, but I wanted the 328 not the 335. I bought the 335 because the dealer had it on his lot and it had the red interior I wanted, and it had very few options and gizmos -- sport package, heated seats, iPod hookup -- which I also wanted, and it was in a color I liked. Also, as I told the dealer I really didn't want to pay the premium for a 335 motor, he made it financially worth my while to just take the the 335 he had on the lot. (I bought my car new.)

I'm happy with my car. I will keep it for at least 10 years. When I replace it, I won't be seeking a 335 (or it's analogue), but as happened in 2007, I may end up with one if it's made worth my while to do so.

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