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Originally Posted by SCSRe92 View Post
this means nothing, im about 70k under you and the only major thing i have done that was not covered by a recall or warranty was the turbos and not because i have to, because i WANTED to.

because n54 engines have had hpfp/turbo/injector issues it doesnt mean that the engine wont last as long as any other it just means you're going in knowing those things could go wrong.
True but only 70k mi under me? A lot can happen in 70k mi especially when then end of that 70k is 200k. Also, my 200k mi were not "nice" miles. This car sees redline mutiple times a day and I pretty much drive it every day. Also, I still track it.

There's an article in the N54 section that shows how an N54 was wearing after just 50k miles. The cylinder walls were scored the pistons had blow by past all three rings, the crankshaft was scored, and more. I'm willing to bet my 200k mi N52 looks like that 50k mi N54.
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