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Originally Posted by SCSRe92 View Post
Force induced will cause faster wear, you cant compare how both cars wear on the inside because the combustion or production of power is not nearly the same. You can only push n/a 3 series so hard and frankly theres not much to push?

Scoring and visual wear doesnt mean much if the car performs, internal wear are just signs of how the car has been driven not its durability or ability.

Like i said at my mileage I've had 0 issues only 1 for which I paid out of pocket that werent wear and tear. So you take the wastegate rattle, the hpfp and the carbon build up that causes injectors and what other general complains are there about n54s? Not really much, n54 engines are nothing but boosted n54s with upgraded internals. Not to mention that all of the above have already been addressed. You all can tell me you love your 325/328/330 but ultimately it is inferior then the 335 in many aspects. Not to knock on them as they are great GREAT cars and they have proven to be reliable but it is absurd to say n54s are any less durable or of lesser quality because the components that make it force induced have come defective. Tell me you rather have your 330 etc over a 335 all you want but truth is if you could you would have those extra ponies under your hood.
So You say it the N54 is harder on internals but just as durable. So by that fact, it's not going to last as long. The N52 is less powerful and therefore puts less stress on the internals. You also said you had 0 issues but paid for 1 out of pocket? Are you sure it's 0 issues? The turbos and DI system are also important items that have to be considered. You can't really say apart from all the parts that commonly break the N54 is reliable.

There are plenty of N54s out there with no issues but there are also several with lots of issues. I think it's the exception and not the rule. Also, later build N54s do much better than the earlier builds. Ask BMW techs and master techs which cars they think are more reliable and will last longer. I have. I'll give you a hint. It's not N54 powered cars.

And yes I wouldn't mind more power but I don't like n54s or n55s. Not jus because of reliability. I'm not a fan of any turbo engine for that matter. Also, I prefer an M3 over an E62 M6. I'm not really into the M6. Now I do prefer an E60 M5 over the M3. Different strokes for different folks. Just because I'd like more power doesn't mean I'd rather have an N54.
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