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Originally Posted by Trainman View Post
part #'s: rear 20i20h5c4
front 28i20h5c4
747256 hr74-7256 hub ring set
May I ask where you got those numbers?

They don't match any BEYERN multi-spoke wheel part number I have. Is this number off your receipt or from Les Schwab directly? That maybe an internal store part number. Any chance of getting the actual Beyern part number directly off the boxes the wheels came in?

I have to say, none of the information that they have given you makes any sense at all. The numbers are not adding up. I'm still not sure what wheel is actually on your car. The centering rings are a dead giveaway. It's seems as though you have 5-series 74mm bore wheels, but the 5-series BMW offsets don't work on a 335i. Hmm... There are 8 different 20" Beyern multi-spoke wheel models. This is confusing as hell.

Please post up any additional info and a few closeup pics along the side of the car. These wheels are clearly wrong, but HOW wrong is still the key question.
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