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Originally Posted by Smooth 330i View Post
The 335 can't put power down in stock form. You can bash all you want I see it on the track all the time. The cooling is anther issue. Stock 325/328/330i do not have cooling issues. The N54/N55 engine is awesome on paper but BMW cheapen out on its parts and everywhere else to maintain margins. The weight is also an issue. Turn off all traction nannies off and go drive it on track - good luck! As a dd, sure it works. For kids to play with HP numbers, sure it works. Is mine bigger than yours, sure it works on paper.

E9x M is a pig. A heavy high power car is not enjoyable to drive. Yeah you'll feel the power but once you enter the curve the power is useless. No way would I buy E9x M and I can afford it. I'd take Cayman S any day all day long.

I track my 330i and have a few mods including LSD. There is no BMW currently on the market that I would replace it with. It is plenty fast, handles very well, relatively light, I can use it as a dd and track car and it costs nothing to maintain. The only BMWs I would consider are E36 M3, E46 M3 and E46 330i ZHP but the E90 330i chassis, steering, balance, engine and even weight is superb.

If they cheapen out on the new M3/4 that will be the end of BMW for enthusiasts. Plenty of them switched to P already. Also, believe it or not, BRZ keeps up nicely with 335i on track at 1/2 cost.

It the end, it all depends what % of performance you are using. Any car will work as a dd, but if you push it most will cry. The 330i asks for more!

This is an answer i respect, very eloquent and very well put together with some actual facts and reasons for me to believe you actually prefer your car to a 335i.

Like i said i don't bash on n/a 3 series as they are great cars but overally the 335i is a better car in more aspects then just the twin turbos, the whole powertrain is an upgrade from an n52 engine, brakes, suspension, transmission. All AT 328i's come with a GM sourced Transmission , the 335i's have a ZF unit. Dont quote me on it but i think depending on the model they have different standard equipment. Sure you can upgrade brakes and get LSD and go fast mods but by the time you are done dumping money into it you will still have a car that likely wont outperform the n54 platform or will just be able to stay up to par with it.

All n/a guys can say are the wastegates/turbos(which are the same thing) the hpfp, the injectors, the carbon build up most things that are tear and wear of a force inducted car. Or do you think hpfp/turbos etc dont go bad in other boosted cars? Ive owned several and let me tell you dont fool yourself it does, so n52 engines dont have any of these issues? How can they if they dont have any of these same components? BMW has addressed almost any and all factory defects for a reasonable amount of time and in most cases upgraded their units. The turbos, the hpfp are now more reliable and durable then in the past. Plus someone playing around in this platform doesnt wait for 120k to come by and get oem turbos, for the most part these guys upgrade to to RB/VARGAS/VISHNU and upgrade other failing components as well and never get any of these "common" issues again while having a perfectly reliable 500hp track car/DD.

So yea depending on the individual i am sure the 335 is not for anyone, but SOME of you guys are lying to yourself if you tell me you spend 7k trying to make your car faster and wouldnt just rather have the same thing but performance wise much better.

REALIABILITY is the keyword, you keep saying n54s wont last as long or are not as reliable. But other then the shit you hear or see on the forum what else can you say??? Even better, with some exceptions who has actually OWNED(not test drove, not borrowed) i mean OWNED both cars over a long period or time to make such comparisons, because i have. We got guys on the n54 section with cars with over 200k and no issues that have not been properly addressed by BMW, so don't live vicariously thru other peoples experiences and talk from your own please.