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Both of you, ArmyBimmerDude and BruceWain have valid points. I stated this in another thread. 100 pounds is noticeable, but hardly significant. When comparing the two, one must consider the amount of aftermarket parts available for the 3 that arent availble for the 1. 7+ exhaust systems, 5+ coilover systems, 2+ sway bars, 3+ camber plates, 5+ body kits.

I seriously bet that over 50% of the 335i drivers on THIS forum bought their cars as a solid modification platform, myself included. Offsetting a 2 year headstart on what is constantly the most popular bmw platform is hardly an easy task.

Manufacturers know they can have a safe set making aftermarket parts for a 3 series. They sell all day everyday. But a 1-series? It's completely unproven over here. You take into account that most bmw owners are badge whores anyway, and it might just turn out to be a niche car. An Evo will be a superior performer, and the Z4 will have more prestige. Thus, fewer parts available.

Secondly, an aftermarket exhaust can save 40 pounds, I've already saved 40 pounds by switching wheels. Does 20 pounds make a drastic difference? Of course it does. The point is, it's impossible to talk about stock 335is on a car forum. Because very few of the people here bought the car to be stock.


In response to the M3 argument. A chassis is a chassis. The E92 3er is supposed to be *insert significant number here*% stronger than the E90. No one notices the difference. The roof is nice for lowering the center of gravity, but seriously guys. The E9x platform isn't exactly the ultimate design of performance. I've stated before that I do NOT expect the E92 M3 to be as capable of a handler as the E46 M3 was. Why? the chassis, the current state of bmw methodology, and the introduction of excess gadgetry that was never needed to make previous m-cars special.

Ask yourself, what is the M3. It's an E92 with a high revving V8, a body kit, a cf roof, and an advanced suspension setup. That's it guys. When one sits in an E46 or an E39, regardless of the engine, one gets that feeling of driver contact, control, something special, that bmw feeling that those who know what past bmw's feel like understand what i'm saying. That's why the M3 was so amazing. Because it was the best of what was already the best. That feeling doesn't exist in this new 3er. Nor does it exist in the E60. That's why the M5 loses comparos to the AMG and the S6. There was a time when editors wouldn't care about iDrive because when you got in the car, all you wanted to do was drive and drive harder. Those days of BMW are behind us.

So when I say that I can put in a Quaife LSD, and Koni DA coilovers and adjustable sway bars, and a PROcede V2 with DPs and a catback, and a bigger IC, and some non-RFT tires and say that my car will be equal to or better than the M3 as far as performance goes, I mean it.

When the N54 motor came out, we all knew the day would come when the bmw universe was divided by the BMW faithful and the former mod-freaks that decided to come over. I suppose I have a bit of both inside me, but my allegiances are clear.

Yes, out of the box an M3 is a superior automobile. There is no doubt about this. Is it worth $20k more, probably so. Will you be able to have excellent resale? Of course. Is it a solid investment? As far as cars go, probably so.

But if you bought your car to be your car. And you can afford to take the risks. Consider the 335i. If you know that when previous M3 drivers wanted an extra performance edge they bought aftermarket suspension components, then buy aftermarket suspension components and do it yourself.

If you love the thought of having an exotic high-revving V8 motor, but would just as much love to have 400+ ftlbs of wheel torque, then chip and pipe your way to happiness. And if you have even bigger dreams, swap out the turbos and have some real fun.

If you like the way the M3 looks but would prefer to have an even a more exclusive look, go buy yourself something from hamann, or ac, or rieger, or just go ahead and try to copy the M itself.

If you think the M's wheels are cool, but want something that's more special to you, then go buy something different. Or if you're like me, and don't give a rats behind how pretty the M3s wheels are if they're not less than 20lbs, then go join the Volk's fan club.

In the eyes of someone who wants to modify something, it's always a better idea to take the cheaper car and tailor it to your specs. Especially when the cheaper car comes with FI out the gate.

The point i'm trying to make here is simple. Just because it's the M3 way, doesn't mean its the only way or the best way.
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