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Originally Posted by Greatdane84 View Post
I don't know... Since when is their a "scratch" that can't be felt by a fingernail? I must be like superman with my senses or my fingernails are super. Ive never had luck with the scratch removal products. I say just buy the touchup paint cause your going to need it again eventually.
A scratch that can be felt with a fingernail (yes I can feel that) can be wet sanded out as long as it is in just the clear coat. A scratch that is only on top of the surface can be buffed out (insert favorite product here).

To me a scratch is different than a rock chip.....rock chip use touchup paint, shallow scratch wet sand it out if you can't buff it out. I would try buffing it out first....then wet sand or find someone that can wet sand.

I wet sanded 2 scratches out yesterday...I posted pics in the detail section on the forum.

I agree, get the touchup (dr color chip), you will need it for something...
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