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Originally Posted by Otruba_843 View Post
Please don't use all of Chemical Guys stuff. Most of its over-hyped garbage with the exception of a few products. Invest in some real polishes and compounds from Menzerna. BTW, the whole hex-logic thing is a gimmick. They are at least $1-2 more and don't work as well as a flat pad. The max pad size you can use on a PC is 5.5 inches. See link below.
Originally Posted by Zero_09 View Post
Check out Auto Detailing Solutions

They have very competitive prices. You can get 12pk 3.5" pads with the backing plate and 6 pk 5.5" pads for around $60. These are Buff & Shine pads. Make sure you email them asking for a 3.5" backing plate for your Porter Cable instead of a Rotary polisher. You can also check out Car-Pro US for some other detailing stuff that Autodetailingsolutions don't have.
Originally Posted by -Rizzo- View Post
For detailing pads I go with lake county. IMO they have worked wonders for me.

For sealant - blue pad
Hard cutter like m105 - orange pad
Light cutter like m205 - white pad

Here is what I use, granted everyone is different:

Wax - poor boys 50/50 wax
Sealant - black fire paint sealant
Cutters to remove swirls - m105 and 205
Quick detailer - poorboys spray and wipe.
Quick wax poorboys spray and wax.
To polish exhaust tips - 1000 grit steel wool with meguiars mag and aluminum polish. Can be used to polish other things.
Clay bar - NanoSkin AutoScrub Fine Foam Pad. This is gods gift IMO. You use the pads on your buffer and put it on speed 1. You spray the car with clay lube and once done with the area wipe it off. Cuts clay bar time down in half.

The site I get my stuff off is They have reviews on there and if you have questions you ask them. They have helped me choose what to use and to buy. It's up to you what you get.
Thanks for all the responses guys although I actually picked up my stuff before you guys chimed in lol. I picked up blue clay bar (fine) (should've went with medium though) V36 cutting polish, V38 finishing polish, V7 sealant . Hex logic 5.5in orange, white, black (they even threw in a red and blue as well) Started working on the roof (one of the only original parts of the car still left, probably hasnt been detailed ever) Clay bar was straight black haha. Very happy with how its turning out so far.