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Originally Posted by Amini77
Originally Posted by SaMaster14 View Post
Wow... No idea about that!! I'm on the Westside and in college now, so I'm not in the valley schools gossip loop like I used to be

Ya, most of the older guys were chill. Idk about those guys who pulled up in the SL550... Kinda looked out of place...

Guy with the C250 and the guy with the wrapped 525/8i were really nice too. (And of course Stunna haha)

I was taking pics of the vette, but none of the shots came out nicely, so I didn't post them up.
LOL lucky you! Get me out of the valley! hahah jk. Yea I was parked next to it..I think we made eye contact.....awk. lmao
I saw you leaving amini77
Was gonna tell you where u going hahah

@samaster stunna