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Custom Exhaust project, opinions welcome

Decided to do a custom exhaust as I can't find one I like the sound of. I was thinking of doing the Meisterscraft 1 & 2 (with resonators where secondary cats would be, instead of in the tail section like I currently have) which replaces the piping from Dps to stock muffler. I do not have the stock muffler and will be doing a muffler delete with this and will have to fab the pipe from section two to the tips.
My current set up is fully catless with muffler delete and dual vibrant resonators in the tail section. With the resonators being in the tail section of my current set up, I don't think that's helping with my rasp. I was seriously considering having four resonators. Two in the mid-pipes and two in the tail section. A member here also mentioned possibly resonated tips.
For the tips, I was going to go with the burnt titanium. I'd prefer a slip-on but I'm having trouble finding any.
I know the exhaust won't give me any more power, this is more just for sound and quality - my oem exhaust is just too cut up now. LOL

Any opinions / advice appreciated and let me know if you agree with the placement of the resonators.

Meisterschaft 1 & 2:

Vibrant #1792 Resonators in place of Secondary cats:

"ultra quite" Vibrant resonators #1141 in place of where mufflers where.

Cyba Blue tips unless I can find a slip on in burnt Blue:

Currently placed resonators (Before I had any suspension work....looks so bare LOL!!)

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