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Originally Posted by Karura View Post
Thank you for the response!

Makes sense, I'm surprised that JRZ isn't trying to get a T▄V certificate, or didn't have one already.

Question about your choice of leaving the rear camber links alone, what was the reasoning behind that? Is it expensive to install the rear camber links?

Wondering if it would be a good idea to save up until I can do the whole M3 suspension bits (with rear links) and get M3 coilovers, or just get 335i coilovers first then skip out on the rear links.

It is odd that Ground Control Street/School does not include new toe arms, as stock 335i toe arms don't fit M3 camber arms, supplied. Megan toe arms - prefer their elastomer joints same as M3. Had Heim joints. As many have found, they wear quickly.

If you install M3 camber arms, a simple affair, you may need diff shocks too. So, yes, a significant expense. Superb. Also, most shock mfg's will make units to your spec - a fit for M3 camber arms shouldn't be an issue!


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