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Originally Posted by jbnery6465 View Post
I've been using the M105/M205 combo and have been very happy with the results. But the M105 is a PITA to work in, especially when it starts to dry up prematurely. Took a quick look at the M101 and might pick that up since it's formulated especialy for foam pads (maybe that's why I've been having a tough time with M105). I know Mezerna's products are great but haven't tried them yet.
M101 is a bit more user friendly in comparison to M105. M101 also finish much better than M105. Please keep this in mind. These are pretty aggressive products. These compounds should be reserve for the really nasty stuff. Too many people go to these products automatically without exploring less aggressive options.

Here is an example:

After M101 on Flex 3401 with an Orange Hybrid Cutting Pad

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