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Originally Posted by Trainman View Post
heres the info off the invoice,I doubt the boxes are still around but I can check when I get back in town on Thursday,this is all getting to seem very fishy. 5 series wheels? That would explain alt,yes? anyway,heres the 411

Qty Product code Product description
2 03366644 20I20H5C4 20x10 5-120 Beyern Multi Chrome medium offset
2 03366640 28I20H5C4 20 x 8.5 " "

Does that help at all? If not I will stop by there Thursday and get the actual Beyern part #'s, my camera is not available right now and I doubt my camera phone would do much justice.
I cant thank you guys enough for jumping in and helping me out here, I am in awe of your knowledge and your concern.
I suspect they are giving you internally generated Beyern wheel SKU part numbers from their own inventory system. Those are not BEYERN manufacturing part numbers. I have all the actual manufacturing numbers for every model/size/finish they make.

Here are the 8 BEYERN part numbers that apply to your wheel model and size:

1) 2085BYT405120C72 BEYERN MULTI 20x8.5 5/120 ET40 CB72 CHROME
2) 2085BYT305120C72 BEYERN MULTI 20x8.5 5/120 ET30 CB72 CHROME
3) 2085BYT205120C74 BEYERN MULTI 20x8.5 5/120 ET20 CB74 CHROME
4) 2085BYT205120C72 BEYERN MULTI 20x8.5 5/120 ET20 CB72 CHROME
5) 2010BYT405120C72 BEYERN MULTI 20x10 5/120 ET40 CB72 CHROME
6) 2010BYT305120C72 BEYERN MULTI 20x10 5/120 ET30 CB72 CHROME
7) 2010BYT255120C74 BEYERN MULTI 20x10 5/120 ET25 CB74 CHROME
8) 2010BYT205120C72 BEYERN MULTI 20x10 5/120 ET20 CB72 CHROME

according to Les Schwab, they are contending that you have purchased number 3 & 7. But the backspacing numbers they stated tend to dismiss those choices. With a backspacing calculator using the numbers they provided you (5.5" & 6.2"), it seems you have number 2 & 6. That's IF they measured correctly using the proper method.

The backspacing number breakdown:

Les Schwab is telling you that they measured 5.5" front and 6.2" of backspacing (they said offset, but whatever) on the wheels they sold you.

OK let's explore that for a second...

IF that's true, then they have contradicted themselves by claiming they sold you +20 offset wheels front and rear. A +20 offset F&R won't even fit your car properly, but let's put that aside for a minute.

If your front 8.5" wide wheel has 5.5" of backspacing, and this was measured accurately, that means you MUST have a +30 offset front wheel:

8.5" wide wheel = 4.25" centerpoint

4.25" centerpoint + 20mm offset (0.787") = 5.037 inches of backspacing


4.25" centerpoint + 30mm offset (1.18") = 5.43 inches of backspacing

That is only 0.07 inches away from the 5.5" number they told you. Correct?

That makes a hell of a lot more sense, but again, it all hinges on the person making those measurements in the first place. That's why the actual part numbers are so important. It removes all the speculation about these numbers.

The rear backspacing number only increases my suspicions about them giving you faulty or contradicting information. The rear backspacing number you were given tells the story. By their account, you can't have a +20 offset wheel.

10" wide rear wheel = 5" centerpoint

5" centerpoint + 20mm offset (0.787") = 5.79 inches of backspacing


5" centerpoint + 30mm offset (1.18") = 6.18 inches of backspacing

That is only 0.02 of an inch away from the 6.2" backspacing number they gave you. Correct?

The rear wheels MUST be +30mm offset, IF the measurements they gave you were correct.

At this point, you have to figure out what information was incorrect. The first part, or the second part. They can't both be true. Either the backspacing numbers are wrong, or the offset information they told you is wrong. One or the other. The addition of hubcentric rings to your wheels is throwing me off. Why would you need those unless your wheels are 74mm hub bore? (5-series cars)

This is so screwed up...
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