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Watching DVDs

I know watching DVDs whilst driving is dangerous, and I have no interest in watching DVDs whilst driving.

However I have the rear entertainment system which seems to keep my 1 & 2 year happy when stuck in the car for long journeys.

This is where my problem comes in, a DVD stops and goes back to the main menu and I as the driver or my wife in the passenger seat can't see what the DVD menu is displaying to get the movie started again.

So I was considering the options for getting the DVD in motion working just for this particular reason. Anyone got any suggestions of a cheap way of getting this working. DVD in Motion seems quite steep for what it is.

I posted this over on the 5 forum but didn't get much luck. I was thinking of buying a ENET cable and coding it myself, any pointers to the software would be good. or if anyone knows any coders in the south west.

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