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Originally Posted by bobbo View Post
Applying the 335i owner mentality. 135i doesn't need to beat the 335i. All it has to do is match the 335i's performance and that will automatically award 135i as winner. Just like score of 335i owners think as long as 335i is as fast as the new m3 it means the 335i is a better car. Isn't that the same argument? Cheaper car with similar straight lane performance as a more expensive big brother automatically awards the cheaper car as winner?
Here, read a part of AcAvengers post since you didnt bother the first time and then argue. Just putting a Procede in a 335 doesnt make it better than a M3. The modifications he wrote below will. "M" is just an expensive letter that some people are in love with. If you can save $10,000 by getting a 335 and upgrading it, why wouldnt you?:

Ask yourself, what is the M3. It's an E92 with a high revving V8, a body kit, a cf roof, and an advanced suspension setup. That's it guys. When one sits in an E46 or an E39, regardless of the engine, one gets that feeling of driver contact, control, something special, that bmw feeling that those who know what past bmw's feel like understand what i'm saying. That's why the M3 was so amazing. Because it was the best of what was already the best. That feeling doesn't exist in this new 3er. Nor does it exist in the E60. That's why the M5 loses comparos to the AMG and the S6. There was a time when editors wouldn't care about iDrive because when you got in the car, all you wanted to do was drive and drive harder. Those days of BMW are behind us.

So when I say that I can put in a Quaife LSD, and Koni DA coilovers and adjustable sway bars, and a PROcede V2 with DPs and a catback, and a bigger IC, and some non-RFT tires and say that my car will be equal to or better than the M3 as far as performance goes, I mean it.

Originally Posted by TheAcAvenger View Post
Where on earth are you deriving that logic from. No one's said the 335i was better than the M3. It's been exactly the opposite. People have said that the 335i has M3 potential if not more potential. Ignore Army(no offense army, you know I'm a fan of your ride) and actually read my post before you go generalizing 335i owners.
Your post was awesome man, I'm just sick of these 135 guys talking about blowing 335's away without having any concrete info about the actual vehicle.

Originally Posted by BruceWain View Post
And you don't think 100 pounds makes a difference ?
Put a 100 pound man on your back and run from point A to point B.
Put a 200 pound man on your back and run from point A to point B.

Can you still say that 100 pounds doesn't make a difference

How much does a 135 actually weigh?
How much does a 135 actually cost?
What is the actual performance numbers of a 135, not what BMW states?

Originally Posted by BruceWain View Post
WTF does that have to do with the previous and current conversation that YOU just entered into without first reading the prior post ???
Does my 335 and AcAvengers 335 have the same HP/TQ? Therefore, if your parents get you that 135, will your engine have the same HP/TQ as mine? Ok then

Originally Posted by BruceWain View Post
That's just a response of emotion......typically a female trait.
Wow, that hurt.
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