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Originally Posted by BruceWain View Post
Stock vs. Modded ?
Always an unfair comparison.
However, the 335 has such great mod potential even more so with the 335x.

The 335 and M3 are two different tax brackets.
Where a 335 owner may spend $6500 on mods a M3 owner may have to spend $11,000 on somewhat equal performance increasing mods but like I said two different tax brackets. I've heard that VF engineering is planning a twin turbo kit for the E92 M3, (you can call them to confirm) at a price inline with M3 performance upgrades, (once again "tax Bracket").

So then the question becomes:
Modded vs. Modded ?
So what would happen when you pulled up to the light this time ?

I would like to see modded vs modded.