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@gIzze I am working on getting into as many stores as possible but I know its hard to do so, so what I am also doing at the same time is building a brand identity, something like a following or a group of people proud to show they are wearing the clothing.

I wanted to ask people on here because I thought it might stark a little interest and get some good feedback (like yours for example)

I must say that is an amazing idea, and something I am defiantly going to look into that.

Also guys, im from Birmingham (so he has caught onto something lol) I would like to send you a pm so that I could maybe learn a little from yourself.

@sufchenko thank you very much and really that is the one thing I have made sure it is, I wanted to make sure it was durable because I thought to myself would I buy it otherwise? It has to be the best of the best.

@RockIt I see what your saying, and glad to see that you agree with there being males 30-50 who do like to take into there style and appearance as a big thing

@Hotcoupe Haha you know what, I did some market research and most people thought of number 1 and 3 and I thought it was such a shame as it should be something classed for what gentleman.