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Originally Posted by makkan00
Can I kindly request all of you, who CAN code to put your name with your coverage areas here, so our forum fellow members can benefit from your coding abilities. About charges, I am sure that you will be charging nominal fees if to help forum members.

I will start with myself.

can cover Essex, London, and West Kent.
I can do followings;

Coding Remotely
If you have a coding cable and software ready and not sure what to do, I can code your car remotely. Done few cars in UK, Norway, and Thailand.

Flashing Modules
1- Alpina Transmission Flash for 335i
only if you have N54 engine and built is 03/07 and onward

2- Alpina Engine Flash for 320D
only if its pre 03/07 with dpf
3- Security update on all 3 / 1 series (may extend to other series).
useful for 2005-2007 owners who are excluded from dealers list
4- ELV toruble shooting / Steering wheel lock error
5- Updating any module.

Retrofits / Major codings:
-LCI tail lights retrofitting coding

-Xenon Retrofitting coding
-Hi-Fi coding of BMW head unit (stereo)
-FRM2/3 retrofitted to cars with FRM1
-CIC DVD playing when driving (for test purpose and off road driving only)
-6MT (Manual transmission display) on manual cars only with N54 engines only (2006-08 models)
-Dension Gateway / ipod kit coding
-L7 head unit coding to retrofit L7 amp
-Increase brightness of DRLs and Keep them constantly bright (no dimming on parking lights / dipped headlights)
- Heating Seats retrofit coding
- Retrofit Head unit with USB / BT / DAB

Increase Security of your BMW
-Add Chirp sound on locking / unlocking
-Add Visual sign (signal light blinks one time) when you lock your car.
These two helps to make sure that you locked your car. Somebody may have a signal jammer and if you do not hear locking chrip sound or turning signal light going, that means somebody is in the vicinity.
-Increase volume of your OEM security Alarm
-Add High beam flashing with your security alarm (park the car directing your windows of home and if alarm triggered, it will flash high beams to your windows)

Other codings:
-Add digital speed on speedometer
-Add instant mpg on speedometer (M sports car only)
-Fog light on with welcome light
-Increase the tilt of passenger mirror when reversing
-Wipers return to starting position if car is turned off
-Delete rear number plate LED errors.
-Mirrors folded with key fob
-Windows down with key fob
-Windows not interrupted when doors are opened
-DRLs on all the time on pre-LCI car depending on your light module
-Fog light delete for performance bumper
-Disable seat belt reminder / chime
-Windows switch working for one minute after switching off your car
-Central locking / unlocking button functional without key in ignition
- Add panic alarm on your remote
- Add speed warning on your speedometer if you are over 70 (I have activated it and it helps me to avoid over speeding)
- Brake Force Display

Hardware work done
Change the LED of your speedometer to white (M3 ones).
Help with sound system installation (Example here)(Example 2)
Addition of media / TV / USB box to CCC
Alpine kit Retrofit
Fully electric / Heated seats with memory retrofit

So to all other CODERS in UK, please submit your details here.


I Iive in Bexleyhealth (London) and need a few mods done on my 08 e90
Folding mirror
Speedometer LED