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Ok, I have been going back and forth on this (buy or no buy). What I understand is the whole kit includes #6 shorter shift lever (see photo red item), a shift boot (not pictured) and a shift knob (again not pictured). What you all can do is if you just want the shorter shift lever, buy the whole kit and part out the other 2 items in the market place.

Now my questions is how hard to install and how does shifting feel after installation (the answer is dependent on the installer and driver-which could be the same person).

Here is my observation, from my understanding and I am not a bmw technician, it looks like a very easy install if you study the photo and have access to a shoplift. It appears to me that the round ball on the red colored lever (#6) sits on top of the shift arm green colored round bearing in photo. You really do not need to remove the shifting arm piece (#1) nor the selector rod (#9). However, ppl have said removing the circlip pin (#10) can be a pain in that tight space under the car. Look easy enough in the photo all spread out but can be somewhat challenging under tight space with no shoplift The other plus on this is you cannot go wrong with OEM part not fitting properly.
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