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I think I fall under your target audience quite well. I am 21 years old and have a sense for a bit of class however seem to be wearing tracksuit bottoms 90% of the time and a suit the other 10% whilst at work

I'll be brutally honest and give you my first opinions. The website has been produced very well however the use of just one model (presuming yourself?) just reminds me of someone I know who set up a clothing website straight out of university. They were selling plain t-shirts with logos on for extortionate prices for a brand with no heritage which for me just throws me right off. It's safe to say they still haven't got anywhere.

I would suggest modelling in nice afluent areas with expensive cars/boats etc rather than park benches and dark places, It would be much more appealing if the model was stepping out a BMW outside an expensive part of town! It is class you're going for after all, even though it's a younger market

As referred to in a previous post, the use of 'Gentlemens' rather than 'mans' is also something that would bother me. I could walk around with a brand that has an obvious/purposeful gramatical error however this one just doesn't seem that way.

The name itself I personally find very appealing, it almost has a playboy ring to it. You have a shirt on there which mentions 'swag' which I would steer well away from, the word 'swag' and 'gentleman' should never be combined! The modern 'gentleman' or should I say this younger generation of gentlemen are definately not the same as what you would class as a true gentleman (dying breed). Playboyism seems to play more association these days with what you might describe as todays younger 'gentlemen' (take say 'Made in Chelsea' for example) so the name goes quite well.

I walk around in trackies and college jackets etc all the time, comfort is key for me. I see no problem with the choice of clothing and the designs are nice and appealing. The prices however don't appeal, purely at the fact this is a new company (don't take this the wrong way) I am going to presume the clothes have been sourced from cheaper wholesalers where quality is not of main concern.

Once the brand has taken off (I wish you the best of luck with that!) then prices should be increased to reflect the image of the company being say prestigious. Until then I would focus on getting the sales in and getting the clothes on the street

I hope you haven't taken the opinions too bad, all in all I love what you are doing and the idea is great. If you ever need some design ideas I will be more than happy to help (I'm no designer but!).

Hope this helps, and best of luck!