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Originally Posted by TAM11M View Post
if you did manage to wear them then you would understand the quality is second to none.
Originally Posted by TAM11M View Post
if you saw the clothing in person with the materials etc you would all see why I say its something different.
Then you need to convey this through your photos; with models wearing the items so you get an idea of the fit and close-up shots/accompanying copy highlighting the quality and detail. Is it hand woven from unicorn mane and then quad stitched on all seams for unrivalled strength and softness? Then say so!!

Originally Posted by TAM11M View Post
Depends on what you class as a gentleman, classic idealistic gentleman that we all see in suit and ties, no not really.

But young men with an understand of how to be polite and generous and all the other things a gentleman would do then yes,

Do remember i'm trying to break the mold and stigma that a gentleman is one in suits etc, it can be anyone, so why not on the days at home or at the gym wear something comfortable yet represents your characteristics.
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I see that you have missed that this is targeted to make a new type of gentleman
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I know a lot first think of strip clubs etc but that can all change, for example in sure if you hear a Gentlemens Club Clothing now you might think of my clothing brand instead
Originally Posted by TAM11M View Post
Thanks for the feedback. I would disagree though, such labels like superdry and armani wouldn't be classed as gangsta rappers but similar to the market I am after. Its not about changing the image of a gentleman but adding another section of style for it.
But Superdry focussed on casual, vintage style with attention to detail. Their logo and branding doesn't really reflect this at all and much of it is complete b*llocks inspired by Japanese packaging but it gave them a point of difference.

Armani can trade on a massive wealth of heritage and aspirational high fashion.

Originally Posted by trixman View Post
I work in brand and business development, coming from a design background.

Precisely +1 what Gizze said. Listen to exactly what he has said and do that.

You will not, or I should say it would be insanely difficult to, build an aspirational brand from what is essentially a personal website. You just won't have the coverage unless you start investing heavily in brand association etc.

Wholesale as Gizze outlined sounds like excellent advice - in which case I'd remove the online shopping direct sales from your website, effectively making it your online portfolio/catalogue then add a list of stockists when you can.

I personally agree it would be very difficult to build an aspirational brand from your website unless you can identify a specific niche and develop a dedicated 'tribe' who can buy into your brand (think Jack Wills, North Face, Howies, Superdry etc etc).

It's one thing saying you want people to think of your brand when they think of 'Gentleman's Club' but it doesn't work like that. The connotations would put me off for sure. It's just too literal IMO. A bit like Jack Wills branding as 'Preppy Elite' or something.

I do think the qualities and the 'brand ethos' you have outlined are commendable but need to be conveyed in a much more subtle way. Maybe you need to relate to a stylised ideal of a 'gentleman' through your branding.

What's your story? You say the clothes are all of the highest quality but if they are that great then you need to explain how. How do you reflect the qualities of being a gentleman through your clothes?