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BETTER than BMW's Extended Warranty

Geico has mechanical break down insurance coverage. It has a straight $250 deductible. Only for new cars. After the 4/50 warranty runs out, you can do mechanical repairs and only pay $250 per repair total. So it protects against any big repair bills. It only costs $70 per year and lasts up to 7/100, just like BMW's warranty.

For wheels/tires, they tried to sell me on a 5 yr warranty that would protect tires on a pro-rated basis if they got damaged by road hazards. It's not worth it. (It was $900)

To protect your wheels, get full coverage. Most insurance companies cover wheels in their full coverage. Unlike the dealer tire/wheel warranty, insurance even covers cosmetic damage.

To protect your tires, buy from Costco. They give free road hazard protection. Or you can buy it from an online dealer like