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Thanks for that

That one model is defiantly not me haha, I would never dare to be the model for my clothing brand as that just seems unprofessional.

I would say about my next photo shoot will be involving cars, and I am currently looking for a few models for the shoot.

See I knew it would spark a good string with my target audience, can see how you got along with it. I understand some might think the name is a bit wrong for the brand but I think sooner or later it will catch on, just like (and these are random examples) Lamborghini and Koenigsegg have caught one, the name becomes what you make of it and how others interact with it.


I will be adding more info about the materials of the clothing, all the t-shirts for example are 100% cotton and once dimensions have been put up you can see how it would fit around yourself or others etc.

I agree with all comments about the other brands, nothing more to add, you got it spot on, but I just hope my brands stature will show itself in time.

The next step is for me to approach smaller retailers and more forward in that department, having someone come across your website is extremely hard. So to have it in a store and the customer to be able to view it and interact with it will be the main selling point.

What I will be doing is building the brands ideal customer base, this will be explained in due time (I like to keep a few secrets in hand )

The clothing I have to search far and wide to find the best and its why I can say with the clothing no expense was spared. I would be hoping to bring a few along with me to shows for anyone to purchase and really get a feel from it all.

I would like to say thank you to everyone, all your input has been appreciated and its great to see how everyone has taken there time to help me out. Nothing has been taken in offence and all of it has been seen as positive criticism. Grateful to you all.