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Originally Posted by Hoooper View Post
ouch. was that with or without the locking pliers method?
That was 'sort of' with the pliers. I came up with the idea after pulling the hose off and seeing that it was draining. I quickly put the hose back on the filter and got the pliers. After doing it with this method, it fired up after cranking for about 4-5 seconds then stalled. After that I let it sit for a minute, and it probably cranked for another 5 seconds, fired up and I let it idle for 10 minutes.

I would imagine that one could probably take some diesel and prefill the filter, although you'd make a mess. I think air in the lines is unavoidable in this situation. I'm amazed that this thing has the ability to self vent though, a typical diesel injector pump wouldn't take well to this situation. It would require a priming. I still don't understand why the documented procedure didn't work, I guess its for a different year. Rear pump never activated with ignition on and engine off.
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