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Originally Posted by Revlis View Post
I think this is what happens when imagined "elitism" runs headlong in to the reality that BMWs are just cars.

Some of these BMWs are tortured for no good reason yes, but the class card you're attempting to play says more about where you're at than anything else.
Originally Posted by SCS15 View Post
That's actually kind of offensive to some dude.

Money doesn't buy taste. I'm 25 and don't make great money but I'd say my car is pretty tastefully modded and everything bought and paid for by myself.

Op, that green is ugly as fack though. I'd rip it all off.

Nothing to do with affordability or age, you can be 18 and have a BMW thanks to daddy. You can be 80 and have shitty taste.

GTF out of here with that BS, you own an entry level luxury car(in america) because in europe your BMW is that equal of a Honda accord so get over yourself.