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Originally Posted by 335DieselPower View Post
I just realised you live in Bedford UK. Where did you get the work done? Or where would you recommend to go for fittings the parts?

Also, what brands make light wheels?

What brake fluid do you use?


Ryan, I do all the work myself, I'm lucky enough to be an aircraft engineer by trade, and have always worked on my own cars.

I also have a company and build high spec Evo engines and transmissions in my spare time, as well as doing chassis/diff set-up for a Pro Time Attack team.

Brake fluid, I use Motul RBF600 and Castrol SRF.

Apex sell very light 18" rims in a selection of widths and offsets.

Ray's and Advan's also sell light forged wheels, but they are not cheap!

The Morrs wheels I use are forged, CNC machined, and the fronts are 9kg for a 8.5x19" and 10.5kg for the rear 10x19"
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