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Originally Posted by Puerto Rican 335d View Post
do before and after dyno's so you can keep guys from hounding your ass on this ok
I plan on it, I'm heading back to Florida later in the month, my buddy has a dynojet and I'm going to put it on there for fun.

So if I understand correctly, the Wagner uses the factory quick connect couplings? So basically I remove the underbody tray, and uncouple the factory IC and replace it with the Wagner IC?

Anything more complicated that that? I was planning on doing it with a floor jack and jack stands in my garage (I have a full assortment of tools). If its more involved than you think you would do on your back in the garage, I will take it with me next time to my Father's shop in Daytona, and do it on a lift.

Lets face it, cooler air is going to help, and by keeping the inlet air temps down with a more efficient unit, I'm going to stay at full power longer, and recover from heatsoak faster no matter what anyone says. The upper turbo's mounting location isn't helping the charge air stay cool at all, so getting the inlet air temps as low as possible is what I'm looking for.
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