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Originally Posted by bpbenda View Post
ENINTY mentioned also replacing the dryer receiver at the same time as the condenser. Is this necessary, recommended, what? I have 56,000 miles on my car, and other than the compressor going bad a few days ago and the faulty expansion valve that got replaced when the car was new in 2006 I have not had any problems with the air quality or air system. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks in advance!
Replacing the receiver/dryer is always recommended whenever the system has been open to the atmosphere for any length of time. If you're doing this yourself and have your own vacuum pump and another car to drive for a day or two, it's possible to get by without doing it, but the basic point is that the receiver/dryer has dessicant in it (like those little silica gel packs that are always in the pocket of your new leather jacket for some reason) and if the dessicant gets saturated, it won't be pulling the moisture out of the system like it's supposed to. So either replace it, or if you're doing it yourself, once you get everything all buttoned up pull a deep vacuum on the system and let it sit like that for a day or two if you feel like being frugal. (not like "frugal" has any point in this discussion; I seriously hope that my compressor doesn't need to be replaced any time soon!)