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Originally Posted by hkj
Hmm... that's a shame. In US we get the cupholders etc as standard equipment, but I sure could use some extra storage space (I don't mind paying for them either). I can understand why they'd remove such thing in our car..

Sometimes I think US has some dumb requlations.. like requiring amber turning signals on all cars.

Itīs crash regulations. Since in the US the lawmaker expects the occupants NOT to wear their seatbelts, the passive restraint (airbags and vehicle padding) systems have to work differently. Therefore most US spec BMWs have a different (thicker) padding of the dashboard underside to prevent submarining (sliding under the dash in cash of a crash) and - no storage compartment under the light switch.

In the rest of the world, if you donīt wear your belt, the lawmaker lets you claim that darwin award.
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