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Originally Posted by mike the snake View Post
WELL FUCK ME AGAIN STANDING UP! NBC or CSNBC or Comcast did it again!

I'm looking at Comcast's guide, it says "Formula One racing" 8:30-11:00. Once again, not only is the race not on, but they gave a race recap right at 8:30 and ruined the race for me, right before airing the Tour de France.

They did this before. How can they screw this up like that!!!???

GREAT! It's 8:45, and NOW the race is being aired. I'm pissed off.
Same deal here. We were away this weekend so I recorded the race (I thought) right from the posted TV schedule, then the FUCKING INCOMPETENT ASSHOLES at NBC moved the race coverage to a different time AND a different station. WTF?? So they can cover the Tour de Doping race instead??? That's twice this season they've screwed up the scheduling. Time to bring back SpeedTV. Dammit.

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