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Originally Posted by Hoooper View Post
Only way to know is to try. To me, the buildup they were showing looked to be basically all soot, while ours is really oily. Might work even with our really oily buildup, also might not. Personally, with all the stuff I saw in my manifold I really prefer not to blast it all through the engine. If it was all clean right now though, putting a can of that through every 10k miles wouldnt blast too much down the intake and it would obviously be much easier than a full clean.

Although, that doesnt even address the question of whether or not our engines would even run with the everything disconnected after the EGR
Per the product description on it supposedly handles greasy deposits and residue. It also states recommended for preventative use.

IMO..I have yet to see any photos of carbon buildup which would fall outside preventative.

Hell, I'm at 49k moles so I may buy a bottle and try it out when I DIY my next oil change, DEF et al.