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Originally Posted by R 4 5 T 4 M 4 N View Post
your headliner guy in Boca? Is the fabric dyed? looking to get this done as well, any details would be greatly appreciated.
He works out of his van, he'll come to you in boca if you ask. I know because the appointment before me was in boca. He's been doing nothing but headliners for 22+ years. He is Vista's go-to guy (I work at Gunther VW of Coconut Creek, he is who we use as well.) His van is full of reels and reels of various headliners. He had an exact match for my oem gray fabric, as well as black and almost any other color you want on demand. His name is Ross, his company is called Above the Rest Headliners, his cell phone number is (954) 270-7148. He does quality work and he guarantees it.

Tell him Sami from Gunther with the silver BMW sent you.

Originally Posted by JasonDCarton View Post
Good job on going for it despite seeing it before, after you get the other parts installed it is going to turn out awesome. Many others will be doing the same thing soon, me included. How much was it to replace headliner
This particular guy charged me $40 for the A-pillars, $45 for the C-pillars, $100 for the sunroof and $175 for the main headliner. He's yet to do my B-pillars.