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Originally Posted by ATTN View Post
I second that 100%.

Goals are achieved by hard work and dedication, you want to get big or whatever you have to lift that weight and eat that food. No one is going to do that for you.

If you don't prepare, you're preparing yourself to fail. Simple as that tbh.

I plan out my workouts and diet (with all calorie and nutrition information) in excel before each week. I work 50-70 hours a week, and still manage to live my life and find 2-3 hours a day to exercise. Basically mapping out what i have to do. That way I schedule myself to wake up early or go to the open late branch of the gym that i have.

It also helps me prep my diet to virtually eliminate the mistakes from my weekend. If I eat like crap on the weekend and as a result I work out harder, diet cleaner.

Also, cook more and lay off supplements. You can get better protein with less calories and additives than by making a shake by just grilling some chicken or something (takes minutes). shoot, you can buy frozen already grilled chicken at trader joes for the same price as raw grilled chicken (and it doesn't taste bad). for reference 4 oz of lean chicken breast has <200 calories and 30+ grams of protein. You can't get that in a shake or protein bar for the calories or protein content. A piece of similar sized tilapia has even less calories and almost as much protein.

So much of this is math and a numbers game. If you want to get bigger quickly, you will put on some fat. It's up to you to decide how big you want to get and then lean back down after you've achieved your goal. Gaining lean mass slowly is a longer wait, and requires significant time commitment, planning and very strict dieting. I think if you wanted to grow bigger (even if by a little), you might be better served by going through a bulk, then a cutting phase to get your results.

P.S. The meme that friends don't leg friends skip leg day is the truest thing on the internet. They are your biggest muscle group and will drive gains. Do some squats!