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Thanks to Dracon for updated maps. Iím new to this and didnít understand the language of torrents, seeding, extracting, etc. Struggled for a week before my pride let me email Dracon again. Voila! Up and running in no time. Just a few hints for other newbies. All 32GB sticks are not the same. Bought a $42 SanDisk that just wouldnít work. It kept trying to make an extra directory and had no flashing lights to show it was working. Then bought an $18 Lexar 3.0 USB. It loaded properly without a hitch. When plugging into my car it flashed so I knew something was happening. Also, I had to insert the stick in the glovebox, THEN turn on the car. The stick flashed and it took another 2+ minutes for it to begin updating. Lost count of the times I tried inserting the disk after the car was turned on and nothing happened or I didnít wait long enough. Looking forward to the 2014 update. Will be doing business with Dracon again.

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