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First are foremost, sorry for the lack of quantifiable data in this post...just an anecdotal observation that i found interesting...

Ok, folks, so it is 91 degrees today in dc (and humid). I drove the d for 170 miles (some city, mostly highway) only stopping once at circa 90 miles into the trip. On both parking occasions when I cut the engine the radiator fan kicked off immediately. This is abnormal, as they typically run for at least 30-60 seconds after I turn the car off when I don't have the JBD Plugged in. One concern I had was that the IC covers the AC coil, but the AC was putting out arctic cold air as always.

We'll see how she does once the JBD is plugged in and once I get stuck in Summer DC traffic. My commute can be tackled in <30 minutes sans traffic, but often takes up to 2.5 hours if the going gets rough..Will report back.

@Hoooper, FYI, I Needed to perform no cutting to install the IC. However. Installation would have been significantly faster if I had chosen to cut the plastic piece which butts up against the IC. With that said though, no cutting was actually required (but I agree that a simple "no cutting required, but cutting can be performed for ease of installation" note would be more than enough of a heads up to keep most people happy).

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