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Originally Posted by Frankieflow View Post
Anybody got an answer for me?Im mid install and just missing the mic?
Hi Frank,

If you are retrofitting a new HU with USB and Bluetooth built in, you can get rid of your old ULF (the old bluetooth ecu located at your trunk)
It does not matter what you do with the old optic lead but better if your close the MOST ring using a cap as you said.

Of course you can use your old mic. You have to identify the wires which are routed to the trunk (they go by the passenger side near the fuse box).

There is no part number for the wire, I had to make it by my own with a pair of wires as I said in my DIY. It does not matter what wire you use but better if you buy one 'shielded'

I think the best solution is cut your old mic cable near the fuse box or the 'A' pillar and solder it to another wire routed to the HU.

Your old cable has 3 conductors, you are going to use only 2. Possitive and shield.

Mic 1 - HU 1 (Inner wire)
Mic 2 - HU 6 (Shield of the wire)

Why don't do it by your self?
Retrofitting is always possible!